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Riskmasters Vendor Certificate Tracking

 Certificate of Insurance Program Management
  • Track vendor compliance in meeting insurance guidelines

  • Create online database of vendor insurance information

  • Call center for vendor and agent inquiries

  • Provide training to staff responsible for securing certificates of insurance

  • Ongoing communication with client (at corporate level as well as field level offices)

  • Online compliance management status reports
 Vendor Insurance Tracking and Compliance Services
  • Transition existing vendor certificate files

  • Request new/amended certificates from vendors/subs

  • Review certificates for compliance

  • Follow-up on non-compliance deficiencies guidelines

  • Prepare management reports
 Status Information ONLINE
  • Online documents - current & archived

  • Online time-sensitive status by vendor

  • Online work-in-progress reports

  • Online customized management reports

  • Online communication history
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